PIDP 3260 Student Blogs and Digital Projects

PIDP 3260 Student Blogs

Adam’s Blog
Ruth Klann’s blog
John’s Blog
Pavan’s Blog
Natasha’s blog
Instructor under construction
Gail’s Blog
Ken’s Blog
Shawna’s Blog
Donna’s blog
Steph’s Blog
Darryl’s Blog
Sara’s Blog
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PIDP 3260 Student Digital Projects

Flying High with Feedback: The Critical Incident Questionnaire
Infographic – Teacher Designed Feedback Forms
Small Group Instructional Feedback Technique
Infographic: Digital Polling in the Classroom
Muddiest Point Infographic
Peer Coaching Powtoon
Using Video for Teacher Professional Development
Classroom Observation
Albert’s Feedback assignment “The Muddiest Point”
Minute Paper infographic
Bryce Walker CIQ
Bonnie Tetlock’s Infographic
Naomi’s infograph