Google maps

Google is tracking me. Maybe it’s for my own good.

Setup: driving to Langley. She’s driving and I am co-piloting. Google maps is providing the real-time navigation instructions. Using a nice feminine voice. “Stay in the right lane. At the next exit, keep right at the fork.”

My girlfriend notes the feminine voice. “Why do you have a woman for your navigation assistant?” she says, not overly impressed. I muttered something or other under my breath, not wanting to stir up any misunderstandings. You get my drift.

Minutes later, we arrive at our destination. My knuckles are white and I am biting my tongue. You get my drift.

Under my breath (so I think) I mutter “I think I’m going crazy.”

“Actually, thinking you are going crazy is a good sign that you are not. Most people diagnosed with schizophrenia have no awareness of their condition.” says Google maps, in her cheery voice.

Thanks Google. That cheered me up.







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