PIDP 3240 – Week 2

Welcome my new and improved blog.  The new part is its theme. Now it is “PIDP 3240 – Media Enhanced Learning”.

Conveniently, I have already set up this blog for previous PIDP assignments, so it will (hopefully) be of improved quality.

I promise to rant about at least ONE thing in every post. Ranting is fun, if you don’t take it too seriously. Try it.

April 30 2012 import photos 236
photo by John Powszedny 2010

In past posts, I have predicted victory for old whatshisname in the US presidential thingy. With 29 shopping days before the big vote, am not quite as sure,  but whatever.  Am sticking to it. Just want to see how this wall idea will work out, and if Slick Willy will visit HRC in jail regularly.

photo by John Powszedny 2013

This new course I am taking, PIDP 3240, is all about media stuff. Some of the requirements include using ooVoo. If you are like me, you groan “OoVoo? What the heck is ooVoo?  Another social media thingy? Do you have to capitalize it at the beginning of a sentence?”

Before anyone gets all uppity or downnity, I am not living in the stoneage. (I have used a computer for decades, and have had skype, facebook, youtube, linkedin, and google+ accounts for years).  But after reading the userpolicy for ooVoo, I balked. We will see if I can pass the course on skype alone.

photo by John Powszedny 2015

For assignment 1, I need to buy the Bowen book for Teaching Naked. I hope, and so should you, that it is not an instructional book for nude instructors. That is not what I signed up for.

For assignment 2,  I plan on contributing regularly to the forums, and of course this blog will be updated every few days, or whenever I feel the need to rant about something.

For assignment 3, I choose “Option 4 – Conduct Interviews and write an Essay on Results – 30% “.  I could go along with the theme of social media this and that, but think that I would learn the most by conducting three interviews with some of my experienced peers and could write a decent 1500 word essay. Yes this is the low tech route.

For assignment 4, I choose Option 3 – Create an Online Animated Presentation – 30%     As a contrast to my low tech assignment 3, I want to make an online animated presentation for assignment 4.  I have made a few in past PIDP courses, and my skills at using Powerpoint have increased to the point where the presentations have some power.  Okay yeah I know that was lame but this is a blog, not the Globe and Mail.

And one last thing. I have avoided using Twitter for years. Just because. Well I joined Twitter today. Spread the news. @whathisname999 . Hashtag or whatever that one.



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