PIDP 3260 Week 8 Blog

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PIDP Course Summary for John Powszedny


PIDP is the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program in the Province of British Columbia. It is the provincial standard for adult educators. For more information:

As a new instructor, I want to become fully qualified by completing the program as quickly and effectively as possible. I don’t really like having to take all of these courses (it adds to the burden of life), but nothing worthwhile is easy. At present, I am completing my 6th of 8 required courses for the program. Below is a spreadsheet outlining my progress.

Summary of PIDP Courses Taken to Date







8/22/2015 BCIT 3220 Loretta B+ Instructional Skills Workshop
2/2/2016 VCC Online 3100 Glenn B+ Foundations of Adult Education
2/2/2016 VCC Online 3250 Doug B Instructional Strategies
5/1/2016 BCIT 3210 Jaquie B+ Curriculum Development
6/1/2016 VCC Online 3230 Jeff A- Evaluation of Learning
8/1/2016 VCC Online 3260 Karen Ongoing Professional Practice

The most important things I have learned thus far by taking these courses are:

  • How to blog (PIDP 3100)
  • Curriculum development – balancing need, content, and delivery (PIDP 3210)
  • Public speaking and course delivery (PIDP 3220 – known as Instructional Skills Workshop at BCIT)
  • Formal and informal assessments (PIDP 3230)
  • Engagement of students (PIDP 3250)
  • Be myself, and be able to take criticism as a method to improve (PIDP 3260)

How my thinking has changed:

  • I am a softer, gentler instructor. My mantra used to be “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”  Not the best stance for an instructor. Now I am more patient with students, and I genuinely want them to succeed.
  • Unfortunately, my past method of handling criticism, by reflecting it, doesn’t work with sensitive students. So I have had to tone down my sarcasm a bit.
  • My initial feedback from student evaluations was more negative than positive. In fact it was very bad. My motto at the time was that I was only going to get better, because I can’t get any worse. I learned from the evaluations, and have cut down on in-class videos and instead focus on teaching and practicing.

What actions I will take based on what I have learned:

  • I plan on continuously giving out evaluation forms, and will make them available to all students for feedback. I will run it like a suggestion box.
  • I plan on preparing better for class
  • Fortunately, my days as a PIDP student will be OVER by the new year, which should leave me with some spare time to prepare better.
  • Soon, I will take PIDP 3240 “Media Enhanced Learning”, PIDP 3270 “Capstone Project”, and ta-da I will be done.  The light is finally showing at the end of the tunnel.
DSC00268photo by John Powszedny 2014

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