PIDP 3260 Week 3 Blog

So how about them Olympics? Can ya believe how many sports they have to give medals for? I haven’t even heard of some of the sports. Do you think that the Olympics has become too bloated? But the sideshows are fun. In one corner you have the heroes (Bolt and Phelps for instance), in the other corner you have the newly crowned ass-clown, Lochte the kid. Whatshisname is thrilled. The negative media is temporarily diverted.

A recent development in British Columbia is that apprentices are now able to complete their theory portion of training by distance education. “This will reduce the amount of time apprentices need to be away from work or home to complete their apprenticeships.”

This affects me as I teach apprentices. There are pros, but there are negatives as well.  One is that the students will not be able to learn from each other as much (study groups anyone?).  Another negative is that since the students will spend less time at school, there is less time to accurately assess them.  A third negative is less work for teachers and support staff (well that is a negative to me anyways).

The actual theme of this week’s blog is dedicated to Chapter 2 of Stephen Brookfield’s “The Skillful Teacher”

“The Core Assumptions of Skillful Teaching” (Brookfield 2015 p. 15)

  • Skillful teaching is whatever helps students learn (dealing with challenges such as diversity and apathy)
  • Skillful teachers adopt a critically reflective stance toward their practice (student assessments, collegue advice, educational literature)
  • The most important knowledge that skillful teachers need to do good work is a constant awareness of how students are experiencing their learning and perceiving teachers’ actions (procedural decisions should be guided by an awareness of how students experience the classroom)
  • College students of any age should be treated as adults (higher education should be preparing young adults for the adult world)

The chapter generalizes the importance of these aspects of teaching. In my opinion, the most important aspects are the last two. They could be summed up into one word: Respect. The skillful teacher should respect the students.



Brookfield, S. D. (2015). The Skillful Teacher – On Techniques, Trust and Responsiveness in the Classroom (3rd Ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Featured Image Photo by John Powszedny 2015



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