PIDP 3250: Week 4 Mid Course Self Assessment

This is a midway self-assessment of my forum and blog.

Rubric Grading Statement                                            Score out of 10

Forum postings demonstrate author’s depth of thinking         8

Links to 3 other students digital projects                                        7

Contributions are weekly over weeks 2-7                                       8

Wide range of media evident throughout forum                          8

Several types of social media connected to forum                       8

Organization and grammatically correct                                        9

Total out of 60                                                                                         48

Total out of 100 (midway self-assessment)                                   80


My forum, Positive Learning Environments March 18-April 17 (John P),

Statistically Speaking

  • # posts March 14 –April 1        58
  • # different posters 13
  • % of students 13/20 = 65% plus the instructor
  • # of media provided 8
  • # of hyperlinks to other sites 17

Topics of Discussion

  • Positive Learning Environments: Personal Observations and Reflections
  • Experience and its role in providing a positive learning environment
  • Roles of the Teacher in Providing a Positive Learning Environment
  • Roles of the Student in Providing a Positive Learning Environment
  • Student Engagement and its Role in Providing a Positive Learning Environment
  • Power teaching and whole brain teaching (wide variety of opinions here)
  • Respect and Communication (between all stakeholders – for example calling students and teachers by name, classroom etiquette)
  • Humor (some students felt this was unnecessary)
  • Physical comfort, (lighting, seating, classroom temperature etc.)
  • Rosenthal and Self Fulfilling Prophesy (the point was that if the teacher had a pre-conceived bias towards a student then the student was more likely to fulfill that bias)

There has certainly been a lot of opinions put forth so far on these forums!

Midway Conclusion on Discussion Forums

Overall, these have been good forums. Interesting feedback for me and all the participants.

I have contributed over 20 posts and comments over the past three weeks on these forums. Strengths: There has been a lot of traffic on this forum. While I didn’t start it correctly at first, I am getting more confident as I go along.  My posts have improved, and I started a second forum called Technology: Classroom Tool or Distraction?  So far it has 23 posts in 4 days

Weaknesses: I need to have better time management, and have trouble understanding all of the other posters. The problem with my posts are that the forum introduction is a bit wordy and then my replies are more Spartan. When it comes to my concern-o-meter, the struggle is real.

I definitely do not agree with every comment stated, and think it would be rude to give my actual thoughts at times.

I plan to conclude the forum in one week on April 7, as per the schedule. In the meantime I will continue to read every post and try to answer every comment. I will also contribute more posts to other students’ blogs.

According to the Rubic, I believe it is at least a level 2, possibly level 3.

References I Provided for the Forum

Knowles, M. (1980) The Modern Practice of Adult Education. From pedagogy to andragogy (2nd edition). Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall/Cambridge. 400 pages.

Merriam & Bierma (2014)  Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice (1st edition) Jossey-Bass – 302 pages

Barkley (2010) – Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty (1st edition) Jossey-Bass – 398 pages

James Bryson (2003) “Engaging Adult Learners: Philosophy, Principles and Practices”

References Provided by Others

Engaging Adult Learners: Philosophy, Principles and Practices

9 types of intelligence

Diversity Toolkit: Cultural Competence for Educators. National Education Association. (2012-2105).

Rick Reis. Tips on Sustaining a Positive Learning Environment. Tomorrow’s Professor: Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning.

Cultural Differences in Online Learning: International Student Perceptions

ICE CREAM” approach to online facilitation


My Blog

Statistically Speaking

  • # pages on blog site 6
  • # of posts 12
  • # hits February 29-April 3 2016 163
  • # comments 2

Reflective Questions Regarding My blog

  • What did you learn about creating blogs?
  1. I have learned how to use a blog. It turns out to not be too bad, not sure where the traffic is coming from.  It is outside of my comfort zone as I am a private person and don’t really feel like broadcasting myself.  But nobody died, so it couldn’t have been too bad. The blog started off looking pretty ugly (my favorite oxymoron). Today it looks a bit more polished. I don’t expect to profit from it, but it has been a good experience.
  • Which classmates’ blogs did you like and why?
  1. I liked Suzanne Carlisle’s. It is colorful and informative. She has an advanced blog with lots of graphics.  She obviously put a lot of time and effort into it.
  2. I also like Melissa Ashman’s blog. Her opinions are well thought out and is clearly organized. No wonder, she is also the Education Director at theCentre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention, and has prior professional blogging experience.
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in your blog?
  1. I have put a lot of photos into my blog, and also paid attention to style and layout. I try to keep the content relevant, and have been updating it every day
  2. The weaknesses are obvious: I have never bothered to blog or tweet or keep an updated Facebook profile. Blogging for me is not easy, as I am not sure about what works and what does not work. I am trying to improve and hopefully the results will follow



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