The Digital Divide

Computer-mediated communication, CMC, may be viewed as potentially offering equal learning experiences for global learners if open, free and accessible to all.

George Orwell famously wrote in his politically satirical novel “Animal Farm”, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”. 

Internet access is not equal globally. Referring to the Table 1.1 on the following page, it can be noted that the percentage of people with no internet access in Democratic Republic of Congo (97.8%) is almost equal to the percentage of people with internet access in Norway (95.1%)

This disparity of equal internet access may take time to address, as did other infusions of technology into world society (telephones, automobiles, water treatment systems), as infrastructure takes time and money to develop.

It can also be seen from Table 1.1, the economic situation of a country has a direct correlation to its infrastructure, and hence its population’s access to the world wide web.  In 1995 0.4% of the global population had internet access. Today that number is 32%.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has launched, with the intention of bringing internet access to 5 billion people globally, and hence narrowing what has become known as the “Digital Divide”.  Zuckerberg believes that internet connectivity is a human right, much like clean drinking water

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